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  • Thank you for visiting our website. Please take time to familiarise yourself with some information about our school. You are most welcome to come along and visit on our Open Days. Elphin Community College provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere where positive relationships between our staff, students and parents are central to the work we do. Respect is a tangible aspect of our day-to day activities and interactions here in Elphin Community College. We respect the uniqueness of each child, we are proud of our students and look forward to their positive contribution to the school........
  • Elphin Community College


    Co. Roscommon

    F45 NF83

    T: 0719635031

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Our Mission

Our school exists to serve the educational needs of the community which we serve.

We aspire to provide an environment which acknowledges educational achievement, enhances student self-confidence promotes life skills and attitudes which will enable students to live fulfilling lives and so contribute to the betterment of society. We actively aspire to develop partnership between teachers, parents and the wider community.