Code of Behaviour

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Mission Statement

Our school exists to serve the educational needs of the community which we serve. We aspire to provide an environment which acknowledges educational achievement, enhances student self-confidence promotes life skills and attitudes which will enable students to live fulfilling lives and so contribute to the betterment of society. We actively aspire to develop partnership between teachers, parents and the wider community.


The Board of Elphin Community College continually reviews the school’s Code of Positive Behaviour to ensure that it complies with all legal requirements and good practice as set out by national legislation. It is a requirement under the Education Welfare Act, 2000, Section 23 (1) which refers to the obligation on schools to prepare a Code of Behaviour in respect of the students registered at the school. It details in Section 23(2), that the Code of Behaviour shall specify:

  • The standards of behaviour that shall be observed by each student attending the school;

  • The measures that shall be taken when a student fails or refuses to observe those


  • The procedures to be followed before a student may be suspended or expelled from the

    school concerned;

  • The procedures to be followed in relation to a child’s absence from school.

    Code of Positive Behaviour

    Developed in accordance with the guidelines of the National Education Welfare Board

    It is considered that by reading this policy you have made yourself aware of the school’s Code of Positive Behaviour, understand the reasons behind the Code and that you agree with this policy. It is also considered that by agreeing to and signing up to the terms of this policy that you have fulfilled the final criteria for admissions into Elphin Community College.

    Parents/ Guardians are advised that students that have been accepted and choose to attend Elphin Community College are bound to the terms of this policy and Code.
    Elphin Community College believes that its Positive Behaviour Policy/Code of Behaviour is firmly rooted in mutual respect, justice, the common good and concern for health and safety. This policy should be read in conjunction with the Dignity at Work /School and/or Anti-Bullying Policy. An essential element of this is good, open communication between the partners. The school believes that such an approach will be beneficial for students, teachers, management, parents/guardians and the Board of Management alike.

    It should also encourage students to take a positive view of co-operation and interdependence into their adult lives. The Positive Behaviour Policy will have due regard for the rights and responsibilities of all the parties concerned within the school.
    All students attending Elphin Community College are actively encouraged to make a positive impact on the school community through positive behaviour. In our school, positive behavior is considered to be a form of training, which empowers students to make appropriate choices in a supportive environment.

    Child Protection

    Please refer to Elphin Community College Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment which is available on request and is on prominent display in the school entrance. Elphin Community College school adheres to the procedures outlined in the Children First Guidance (Department of Children and Youth Affairs, 2017).

    Code of Behaviour Definition and Philosophy

    The code of behaviour comprises the programmes, practices and procedures which form the school’s overall plan for promoting positive behaviour and maintaining a positive learning environment. The code reflects our philosophy of justice and equality and the school’s Mission Statement. It seeks to ensure and protect the rights of the school community and the rights of the individual within that community. The Code endeavours to promote mutual respect between staff, students, parents, Board of Management and the wider community. Elphin Community College is grateful that parents/guardians have chosen Elphin Community College to entrust their child to its care. We are committed to the holistic development and care of each of our students.

    Legal Basis

    The code is prepared in accordance with the guidelines issued by the NEWB, and in compliance with the Education Welfare Act 2000, Education Act 1998, Education (Miscellaneous) Provisions Act 2007, Equal Status Act 2000 and Education for Persons with Special Education Needs Act 2004. This Code also has implemented the activated sections of the Education (Admissions to Schools) Act of 2018. The code complies with current legislation as enshrined in the various education acts and Health and Safety legislation, and relevant constitutional and international provisions and conventions.

    (See NEWB Developing a code of behaviour: guidelines for schools, pp 7-9).

    Aims of the Code of Positive Behaviour

    The whole school review of the code of behaviour endeavours to:

    • Set standards of behaviour for all members of the school community, staff, students, parents

      and the Board of Management.

    • Promote a just, caring and secure environment for staff, students and the wider school


    • Foster an orderly, harmonious school where high expectations of behaviour are evident and


    • Enable the school to support the learning of every student.

    • Encourage and teach students to take personal responsibility for their behaviour for


    • Support students to mature into responsible participating citizens.

    • Promote positive behaviour for learning.

    • Build positive relationships of mutual respect among students, staff and parents.

    • Implement effective procedures which allow for the day to day running of the school and

      which meet the demands of current legislation.

    • Outline the structure of fair, consistent and agreed sanctions/interventions that will be used

      in response to negative behaviour.

    • Outline the systematic interventions to be used when a student repeatedly misbehaves.

    • Promote positive behaviour, personal responsibility and self-discipline.

    • Outline how positive behaviour is encouraged.

    • Foster a spirit of cooperation and good communication between all partners in the school


    • Enable the partners to promote a positive image of the school in the wider community.

      Policy Summary

      At Elphin Community College we have high expectations of our students. In order to reach those expectations, we believe they should feel safe and feel happy to work and play at school, free from any adverse effects caused by the behaviour or attitudes of others. It is fundamental to our core values that all members of the school community, including students, staff and parents, should behave with due respect for each other, for each other’s property and for the school’s good reputation. We actively seek and expect the support of parents in this endeavour, which is why we insist that parents make a commitment to the school from the outset. We expect a genuine commitment from parents/guardians to fully and actively support the school as necessary in upholding the Code of Behaviour, by encouraging and assisting their child in complying with the code also. Our aim is that all students realise their full potential and complete their secondary education with us successfully.