Trips Policy

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  1. Introduction

It is school policy to organise outings for the benefit of students when this is deemed appropriate by the teaching staff, in consultation with the Principal.

Elphin Community College recognises the benefits of outings to complement normal school work, for educational or sporting purposes. Some trips are organised as part of the course to be followed in a subject area. Other outings and trips are additional to the curriculum and are not deemed a core activity. The lengths of trips may vary from a short local visit to a longer trip involving staying away for several days. Elphin Community College trips, outings and tours are a privilege reserved for students who meet minimum standards of behaviour while at school. Students who do not meet minimum standards of behaviour, as decided by the Principal, may be refused permission to participate in a school outing. The Principal reserves the right to disallow a student from participation in a school trip if, in his/her opinion, the health or safety of the student or other students or teachers is at risk.

All school rules and all school policies apply while on school trips. In particular, parents and students should be aware that permission to travel on a school related activity is conditional on strict adherence to the Code of Behaviour.

All students selected for sports teams and who travel as part of a class group, represent

Elphin Community College. The highest standards of behaviour and conduct are expected as a matter of course.

  1. Procedures

In general, written permission is required from a parent/guardian of a student before they may go on a trip. It is understood that students who play as part of a team representing Elphin Community College have on-going parental permission to travel to all away matches. Parents should be aware of the tradition of support for school teams that the Elphin Community College wishes to promote. Pupils are encouraged to support teams at fixtures at home or away that might be arranged at short notice. It is understood that pupils who sign up

to support a team playing either in the school or travelling to an away match will have secured parental permission beforehand. Parents who do not accept this arrangement should inform Elphin Community College at the start of the academic year.

While every effort will be made to adhere to arranged times on trips, in particular the arrival time back at the school, the school cannot guarantee such times, for example where circumstances arise which are outside the control of staff involved.

  1. Supervision

The number of staff which accompanies a group will be influenced by a number of factors including:

  • The number of students travelling
  • The age of the students
  • The destination of the trip
  • Additional supervision which may be provided at the trip destination
  • The division of students into smaller groups with each requiring supervision
  • The type of transport to be used

Certain trips may facilitate shopping or recreation which may not be directly supervised. This situation will be indicated on the permission slip, itinerary or information letter sent to parents/guardians.

Elphin Community College expects that all students travelling on an extended tour will display a level of maturity commensurate with their age. Students on trips which involve an overnight stay in Ireland or abroad will not be supervised on a 24 hour basis and all extended school tours will involve periods of time without direct supervision. Parents who are concerned that such a level of supervision is inappropriate should not permit their son/daughter to take part in such trips.

  1. School Tours Abroad/Exchanges/Overnight Trips

In general, overnight trips/tours occur in addition to the normal academic and extracurricular programmes of Elphin Community College. There is normally an additional charge. Students who withdraw from a trip after a deposit, or full monies, has been paid, will not be entitled to a refund. Similarly, a student who is prevented from travelling for disciplinary or safety reasons will not be entitled to a refund.

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians in conjunction with students to ensure that all documents necessary for travel abroad (e.g. passport, identity card) are up to date and in order. Elphin Community College will not take responsibility for a student whose personal documentation is not in order and who is prevented from travelling abroad as a result.

Parents/guardians will receive an overview/itinerary of overnight trips and will be required to give written consent to their son/daughter taking part on the trip. It will be the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that the organizer of a trip is aware of any special needs, medical or dietary issues.

Students will be informed, prior to going on the trip that Elphin Community College rules apply on trips. A student may be sent home, at their parents’ expense, if the conduct of the student warrants it.

  1. The Code of Behaviour

Parents and pupils should be aware that the Code of Behaviour applies on all school trips. The Code of Behaviour states clearly that the possession, use, supply or any involvement with illegal drugs, dangerous objects, alcohol, or tobacco is seen as an extremely serious offence likely to lead to prolonged suspension or expulsion. In particular, pupils and parents should note that the Board of Management reserves the right to remove from the school register any student who has possession of, uses or supplies illegal drugs or substances or who has possession of dangerous objects, weapons or harmful substances while on a school trip of any kind.

  1. Health and Safety

Health and safety of students and supervisors is a priority when organizing and taking an Elphin Community College trip or tour. Teachers taking any trip will exercise due care, common sense and judgement when issues of health and safety arise. Parents of students who have special needs, a medical condition, or who are on medication of any kind, should notify the teacher/s in charge of this and any medication being taken. In case of an accident expert medical attention may be sought should this be thought necessary. On return from, or during, any trip staff may advise a parent/guardian to seek medical advice, should they deem this appropriate. Where a serious accident occurs, staff will seek medical assistance as a first priority then inform Elphin Community College. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible by Elphin Community College.

Considered amendments to Trips Policy

The purpose of the rules set out below is to ensure that the enjoyment of the trip is not hindered for any student or teacher.

1.Students are expected to wear full school uniform unless told otherwise by the teacher. All students should note that while in school uniform they are ambassadors for the school and should behave accordingly.

2.Students are expected to treat teachers/supervisors/instructors/tour guides with respect at all times.

  1. Teachers reserve the right to search students’ bags/rooms at any time if they suspect contraband is present.
  2. Foul language is not acceptable from any student on the trip at any time.
  3. All students should carry a mobile phone with them on day trips so that parent s can be informed of any possible changes to the schedule of the trip.
  4. For Health and Safety, students, on return from trips after 3.50pm are to be collected on time by parents/guardians from the school.


  1. Should s student become ill or injured on a trip then parents will be informed and medical attention will be sought for the student of necessary. Parents should note that injury or illness to a student may require a lesser supervision of remaining students on any trip should be necessary for a teacher to accompany a student seeking medical attention. Already included under no.4 in original policy


  1. During trips it is common for students to be given some free time. During such time students should always travel in groups (minimum 3). Under no circumstance should any student walk on their own. During this time students are expected to treat their surroundings with the utmost respect and are also expected to adhere to all the school rules applicable above.
  2. A pupil/teacher ratio of ? is recommended, however, this can vary depending on the type and circumstance of the trip or tour. The school will endeavour to provide a pupil/teacher ratio appropriate to the activity. Already included under no 3 in original policy
  3. All students are expected to turn up on time for all roll calls

11. Students are expected to all the necessary requirements e.g. fees, equipment, clothing etc  for the trip as explained by the organising teacher.