For those students wishing to enrol in Elphin Community College the enclosed application for enrolment form must be completed and returned to the school principal along with an original birth certificate on or before 28th February of the year of entry. An ‘Open Night’ for intending pupils and their parent will be held. Pupils in local primary schools will be notified in advance. Also please read the school’s code of behaviour and discipline carefully and sign the accompanying Declaration Form. This form must be returned with the Application Form.


Decisions made in relation to admission are made by the School in accordance with school policy. Except in very exceptional circumstances decisions regarding enrolment will be notified to parents within 21 days of the closing date for applications, namely February 28th of the year of entry.

To ensure a place, parents/guardians must notify the school of their acceptance of a place within 14 days of being accepted.

It should also be noted that under The Department of Education and Science rules secondary school students must be aged 12 on 1st January in the calendar year following the applicant’s entry into first year.


It should also be noted that all applicants will be required to complete an assessment test in order to help the school to assess the needs of the student.  This test is not used to exclude any student.  The school operates a policy of non-streaming.


The Board of Management of Elphin Community College welcomes pupils with special educational needs.  In order to assess the needs of those students the school will access the student’s records from primary school well in advance of entry into the school.  This may involve requesting a copy of the student’s medical/psychological or individual educational report if available.   The school may deem it necessary to request immediate assessment in order to assist it in establishing educational and training needs of the student relevant to his special needs and to profile the support services required.  This will require parental permission.


Having gathered all the relevant information, the Board of Management will assess how these needs can be met.  The school will also meet with the parents/guardians to discuss the applicant’s needs and the school’s capabilities to meet those needs. If further resources are required the Department of Education and Science will be requested to provide the necessary assistance e.g. special needs assistant, specialised equipment, transport etc.  Where adequate resources are not forthcoming from the Department of Education and Science the school may have to postpone admission until the Department of Education & Science put such resources in place.  The Board of Management will do all it possibly can to identify, plan and provide for the needs of a special needs or disabled student seeking admission to the school.


Students may transfer to Elphin Community College at any time from another school, subject to the school’s Admissions Policy.  However the school must be satisfied with the reasons for the transfer and to this end information will be requested from the students former schools concerning attendance, behaviour educational progress, disabilities and special needs.


With the best interest of the student in mind and his educational welfare and considering the issues relating to mid year transfer which may include subject choices, class sizes and available resources, the school Board may decide to refuse admission at that time and advise his parents/guardians to reapply if they so wish at the start of the following school year.


Finally the Board of Management wishes to state that it reserves the right to refuse an application for admission in exceptional circumstances.  Also parents have the right to appeal a refusal by a school to enrol a student under Section 29 of the Education Act.


When applying for admission to Elphin Community College, please ensure that you have read the following documents carefully:


  • Admissions Policy
  • School Code of Behaviour and Conduct
  • Student anti bullying policy
  • Elphin Community College Prospectus
  • Other school policies which may be agreed from time to time by the Board of Management which will be sent to parents/guardians and will be part of the requirement for enrolment in Elphin Community College.


When applying for admission please make sure you complete and return the following:


  • Fully completed application for enrolment             ž
  • Signed Declaration Form of acceptance of Code of Behaviour ž
  • Original Birth Certificate                                                             ž
  • School Transport form if applicable ž