Students feature on JCT4

Some of 1st Year Wood Technology students Design Challenge entries appeared on the Junior Cycle for Teachers (JCT) JCt4 team, a Department of Education & Skills (Ire) Support Service for schools Twitter Page lately.


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Department of Education and Skills News Update

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VolleyCamp Virtual

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Volleyball Ireland will be running a  VolleyCamp Virtual – a new online Volleyball camp. The programme will include a mix of fitness classes, ball skill challenges, educational seminars and match analysis. The camp is completely free and for all Volleyball Ireland members.

Their first camp will be held from Weds-Friday April 15-17th.

Topics and activities included:
Fitness Workout – we will be working with a reputable online fitness provider to deliver ‘equipment free’ HIIT workouts. All you need is a water and if you want, a gym mat. The class will be ‘shared’ so you can follow the instructor on your laptop, phone, iPad.

Skill Development & Ball Control – we will show you the moves, you complete our ball control circuit. All you need is a volleyball. You’ll have 30 mins to record your scores, trying to beat your record each day.

Anti Doping Seminar – VI Development Officer Jessie will be providing some important info on impacts of medication and banned substances. Great to widen your knowledge!

​Referee Knowledge & Rules Quiz – to be a great player, you’ve got to know the rules! We’ll be testing your knowledge on the rules, providing answers to improve your game.

Nutrition Seminar – this workshop will provide insights into good nutrition for young volleyball players, and what to eat before and after a tough workout or match.

Yoga & Pilates – we’ve partnered up with a reputable online fitness platform – all you need is water and ideally a gym mat. Just follow the class like a live session!

Volleyball Skill Challenge – each day the development team will be setting a new skill challenge for you to master!

Dare to Dream – we will be inspired by one of the best Volleyball documentaries on the market, as we follow the record breaking Stanford Volleyball Team

Mindset – we’ve secured access to a pre-recorded Q&A with USA star Courtney Thompson who will be discussing ‘getting the right mindset’

Match Analysis – we’ve selected some high profile matches from years gone by, for each of our campers to analyse

Social Media Challenge – social media is a big part of an Athlete’s life, so we’ve picked a few challenges for our players to promote their Volleyball prowess

Player Q&A – each evening we will be hosting a Q&A with Senior Volleyball stars for our players to learn from the best!

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