Message from the Principal

Thank you for visiting our website. Please take time to familiarise yourself with some information about our school. You are most welcome to come along and visit on our Open Days.

Elphin Community College provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere where positive relationships between our staff, students and parents are central to the work we do. Respect is a tangible aspect of our day-to day activities and interactions here in Elphin Community College. We respect the uniqueness of each child, we are proud of our students and look forward to their positive contribution to the school.

Parental involvement in all aspects of our development is an essential part of our school life. Parents are represented on the Board of Management and there is a vibrant Parents’ Association. Equally, the student voice is represented by the elected members of the student council.

All aspects of a student’s development are catered for in Elphin Community College with the result that we have built a strong community where all students are cared for and are helped to reach their full potential.

“A happy place where learning is valued” underpins our approach to education. Positive reinforcement of our students forms the cornerstone of the positive relationships that exist within our school. Teaching and learning is at the core of what we do in our school. We are innovative and progressive, offering a comprehensive range of subjects and programmes. We firmly believe in offering a progressive academic curriculum as well as an extensive range of extra-curricular activities which promote the holistic development of our students.

Digital technology and the use of ICT provides the students of Elphin Community College with a significant advantage in developing 21st century learning skills.

We are very proud of our academic success in the Leaving and Junior Certificate examinations. The school recognises students for their high academic achievement in both Junior and Leaving Certificate at the annual Academic Excellence Awards and also School Awards afternoon which recognizes achievement in all areas of school life.

The best ambassadors for our school are our students, so please visit our school, engage with staff, parents and students and see for yourself what matters most to Elphin Community College.

Should have any questions or concerns please contact the school, we would be delighted to help you where we can. I look forward to meeting you.

Anne-Maria Egan