Quick Start Guide for Using Microsoft Teams on an iPad

  1. Elphin CC devices will have the app pre-installed
    1. If you do not see the app on your device, locate the app catalog app and install from there
    2. Teachers may require use of Microsoft Word and/or PowerPoint, OneNote which have also been pre installed.
  2. Launch the Teams app
  1. Select Sign-in
    1. Sign-in address: district
    2. Complete sign-in process by entering student password

Navigating Microsoft Teams

  • Once signed in, the application will start on the Activity page. The activity page lists all activity within the Teams platforms. Select the Teams icon on the lower navigation bar to view your class(es).

  • Use the dropdown next to the class name to access the general channel. Here you can access the class discussions, files, assignments, and digital notebook by selecting the appropriate tab across the top.

Student Guide to Teams

A tour of the student view in Teams app

Microsoft Teams – Full Student Guide