Now Enrolling – Youtube Live Stream

Reminder: Youtube Live Stream tomorrow morning at 10.30am. We have invited all the local National Schools to join us for a short presentation followed by the big reveal of our new school promotional video. There will be a Q&A session at the end also. Looking forward to it. Hopefully everything goes smoothly!!!!

We have also provided a link to our school admissions page and a Microsoft forms page where parents/guardians can fill in the short questionnaire that we can then use to provide updates to you and your child. We hope that you avail of the opportunity to see our school community in action and we look  forward to seeing you Friday 27th November. If this date or time does not suit you, please feel free to contact the school by e-mail: or by calling the school at 0719635031

Link to application form –…

Elphin Community College Admission Database…

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