Return to School FAQs and Guidelines

1.0: Introduction & Welcome

We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to Elphin Community College in the coming weeks. We know that many of you can’t wait to be back, to see all of your friends again, and to return to a structured routine. We want to ensure that all of this happens whilst being as safe as possible, so time and understanding will be important on both our part and yours as we adapt to the new environment.

We know that some of you have expressed concerns about things like exams, socialising, face-coverings, assigned seating, being behind on work, and a changed school environment. There is no doubt that there will be changes to how we do some things, but that does not mean that all of the things you love about school will disappear!

We can’t know for certain how long these measures will last, but nothing is permanent, and we hope to return to normality in accordance with government advice and safety as time goes on. We understand all of your fears, worries, and concerns, and want to assure you that all necessary precautions are being taken both to ensure your safety and to maintain a positive school environment. We are all working this out together, so your feedback, safety, and overall well-being are crucial to the process.

For now, we have put together a short guidebook and we will ensure to keep you informed every step of the way with any further updates.

2.0: Guidelines: How to keep yourself and others safe


Crowds | Close Contacts | Confined Spaces

To keep everyone safe, you must follow the following instructions at all times:

  • Avoid the 3 Cs – avoid gathering on the corridors. Conversations with friends should be held outside or at your designated seat in your classroom.
  • Observe respiratory hygiene – coughing and sneezing into your elbow.
  • The school has a one-way system to assist with physical distancing. This must be followed at all times.
  • You should regularly wash your hands/sanitise.
  • Masks/face-coverings will be required in most settings. They are strongly recommended coming to and from school and in settings where the 3Cs are difficult.
  • You should bring sanitiser, antiviral wipes, tissues and a face covering to school. Keep the sanitiser and antiviral in one Ziplock bag and your face covering in with tissues in another and both of these can be kept in your school bag.
  • We aim to keep teaching spaces well-ventilated.
  • Students will remain in base classes and your teachers will come to your room.
  • Option teachers will collect/ return you to your base class.
  • There will be specific seats in the base classes and your option teachers will assign specific seats in these classes. You must not move from these.
  • Please avoid physical contact with other students.