How to use VSware

Parent App – Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about the VSware Parent App 

The VSware Parent App has been re-designed from the ground up. It is free to use and is now available on iOS and Android as well as desktop. 

Link to IOS VSWARE App:

Link to Google Play Store for VSWARE:

For Parents:

To learn more about the Parent App, click into the links below.

Parents  have  access to the school administration software, VSware. This allows parents to get a detailed view of student attendance, access to term reports and student timetables. It will also allow for the entry of student subject options going into 2nd and 5th year as well as any payments to the school.

Usernames and passwords are sent by text message .

Parents can access VSware by clicking on icon on home page.

1. Accessing VSware

You can log into VS Ware by two ways:

  1. Visit the school’s website On the home page click on the VS Ware logo. This link brings you to the VS Ware landing page for the college.
  2. You can type this address directly into the web browser – and this will bring you directly to the VS Ware landing page for the college.

Use your unique username and password to log in.


2. Timetable

Using the “Timetable” tab on the left hand side of the screen, you will be able to view your child’s subjects, rooms and teachers’ names. A red line appears across the page showing the current time.

3. Personal Information

Using the “Personal” tab you are able to view information held by the school. You are unable to edit this information but should any details need to be updated, please contact the school office on 01-4902404.

4. Behaviour

You can view your child’s behaviour records using the behaviour tab. The information here highlights both positive (green) and negative (red) behaviour. All students start on 100 points and are expected to keep their points above 100.

5. Exam Results / Term Reports

Using the “Term Report” you can view exam results. You can select the exam set you are interested in from the drop down menu. Please note the letter after the grade denotes the level your child is taking.

• A is Ardleibhéal (Higher Level)
• G is Gnáthleichéal (Ordinary Level) • B is Bonnleichéal (Foundation Level) • X is for Common Level

6. Attendance

In the “Attendance” section, you can view a breakdown, by class, of attendance. Days when your child has been absent for the whole day will appear in red. Twenty days of unexplained absences will be reported to TUSLA. (Two half days missed, counts as a full day) Partial absences will appear as yellow and the date appears green if all classes on that particular day have been attended. If you click on the calendar day, you will get a class by class attendance analysis of the day. Lessons missed are also detailed, giving a percentage of classes missed by subject.

7. Changing to a Different Sibling

You can view all your children’s details under the same login. To switch between profiles click the arrow as indicated in the screen shot below.

8. Signing Out

It is advisable to sign out of VS Ware when you are finished, to do this click the sign out icon on the top right of the screen.

9. General Notes

  • It is not advisable to set your device to remember your password for security reasons.
  • We strongly encourage you to store your username and password in a safe place.
  • If you misplace your username and password, the office will issue new details to parents/guardians.

For a demonstration video click here: Vsware Demonstration Video.