Supports for parents

Supports for Parents in Letter to schools from Department of Education – 29th January 2021

Continuity of schooling guidance

Continuity of schooling guidance for parents is available at this link in several languages:

Online safety

Extensive information and guidance on online safety is available to for parents and students at

The information contained at might be particularly useful.

Curriculum Tagged Resources

The Department’s Education portal Scoilnet ( contains some 21,000 curriculum tagged resources that can be used by teachers, students and parents to support the continuity of learning in the remote environment.

Wellbeing supports

The National Educational Psychological Service of the Department of Education, NEPS, has developed an updated series of resources and animation videos for parents and students during this period of school closures.

These build on previous materials that proved popular with parents.

The videos feature important updated wellbeing advice and guidance, and include tips on how students can stay positive, active and connected, and how parents can support their child’s daily routine.

Irish language and sign language interpretation versions are also available and are posted on the Department’s twitter feed on @Education_Ire and on

The pdf resource guides are available here: students-and-schools/e

The videos are available here: families/#wellbeing-advice-for-parents-during-covid-19

Supports for parents of children with special educational needs

The National Council for Special Education has a range of resources for parents of children with special educational needs, including useful material on a broad list of supportive topics, and short focused video materials designed to provide advice and guidance to parents. These are available on and disseminated through their twitter feed @ncseirl.

The NCSE is also operating a dedicated phone line for parents of children with special educational needs during this period of school closure, offering support and guidance; the number is 01 603 3456 and it is open during office hours.

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